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A typical yoni massage is a full-body massage, which includes the genital area, and can cover both external and internal massage points. A yoni massage may be therapeutic, focused on locating and releasing tension stored deep within the abdomen, or sensual, focused on helping the receiver to connect with and understand her sexual response.

Not long ago, the idea of a woman paying someone to massage her yoni would have been equated with a man paying for a massage with a "happy ending" - a form of sex work. In recent years, however, science has undertaken serious research into the complexities of female sexual response, the size and reach of the internal structures of the clitoris have been recognised, and the important role of the pubic nerve has been acknowledged. In light of these discoveries, the idea of therapeutic massage in the genital area has become much more accepted. Sex therapists are investigating the effectiveness of yoni massage through personal experience. Yoni massage even has a Wikipedia page now!

Benefits of Yoni Massage

Physical Benefits of Yoni Massage

Massage has a wide range of benefits in general, and these benefits are also offered by yoni massage. Improved mobility, reduced pain and tension, overall relaxation, movement of lymph fluid, and the removal of adhesions between muscles and along bones are all well-documented benefits of massage.

Removal of Sedimentation from the Capillaries

Sedimentation refers to the formation of plaque, a mixture of crystallised minerals and fatty acids in our blood vessels, which can cause sand-like grains under the surface of the skin. These sediments have been known for thousands of years, and are referred to in ancient Chinese texts as “karsai”. Massage can break up the plaque, and allow it to be eliminated from the system.

Improved Circulation

In order to have healthy functioning genitals, we need to have a rich blood supply. both to provide nourishment, and to remove toxins. If there is a poor blood supply to the genital area, women will find difficulty producing adequate sexual fluids and getting the proper engorgement of inner and outer lips (inner and outer labia) and the clitoris.

Movement of the Lymph Fluids

Unlike the circulation system for blood, which has its own pump, the lymphatic system relies on movement of the muscles to circulate the lymph fluids. These fluids perform a vital cleansing function, carrying the waste products of the body back to the blood stream, to be cleared by the kidneys. When muscles remain tense and immobile, the lymph fluids in the area stagnate, accumulating a higher and higher concentration of metabolic waste products. In the long term, this build up of waste can cause tissue damage, and even disease.

Massaging the area moves the lymph fluid immediately, and also relaxes the muscles, preventing future waste product build-up by allowing the muscles to move freely.

Releasing Constrictions in the Surrounding Tissues

As with any other part of the body, the hips and lower abdomen can develop "knots". Knots are blockages that can appear as thickened or lumpy areas, which are often either numb or tender. Knots are formed by entangling structural tissues, for example through adhesions on the muscle sheaths, slight displacement of ligaments, long term muscular tension, and inflammation.

Some of these knots can be reached from outside the body, but some are much more readily accessed from within the yoni. By following each structural element - bones, muscles, ligaments, fascia, nerves, and connective tissue - the practitioner can identify and release any adhesions or other constrictions, increasing freedom of movement, and reducing tension and pain.

Energetic Benefits of Yoni Massage

Living in a Westernised culture encourages an imbalance of energy (referred to by the Taoists as "chi", and the Tantrics as "prana") in the body. Extreme focus on mental activity, and a suppression of female sexuality directly through shaming and indirectly through the dangers of toxic masculinity, result in many women feeling quite disconnected from their sexual center. A good yoni massage practitioner will focus on reconnecting the sexual organs with the heart, and with the entire body. This opens the possibility of Tantric full-body orgasms, which cannot be accessed without a free flow of sexual energy throughout the body.

Many women have become able to orgasm for the first time in their lives after experiencing yoni massage.

Emotional Benefits of Yoni Massage

The physical, energetic, and emotional bodies are closely connected. Emotions can be stored as physical tensions or energetic blockages, or both. Working with the physical or energetic blockages can allow the suppressed emotions to release. Emotional, physical, and psychological healing can take place during the Yoni massage. Past hurts can be released including frustration, guilt, shame, anger, disappointment and fear.

It is important that the practitioner is capable of holding space for strong emotional release, as well as for physical and energetic release.

Spiritual Benefits of Yoni Massage

The relationship between sexuality and spirituality has been difficult for thousands of years. The dominant spiritual paths have mainly drawn on ascetic traditions, renouncing the world and all its pleasures, including good food, family bonds, and sexuality, in order to reach the Divine.

This approach limits spiritual practice to a small number of people, who are constitutionally suited to a life of deprivation and dryness.

The Tantric approach is very different. Tantrics see the Divine in all aspects of daily life, including sexuality. Sexual energy is an engine, which can propel the Tantric to higher levels of consciousness, and, ultimately, to enlightenment. Yoni massage is a powerful support to help a woman shake off the imprint of the dominant ascetic paradigm, which suppresses her power and authenticity as it suppresses her sexuality, and to reclaim her agency as a spiritual seeker.

Ultimately, yoni massage can open the door to extended Tantric orgasms, and to multiple orgasms. Meditating during orgasm can take the Tantrika to very high states of consciousness, and even to samadhi (enlightenment) itself.

Risks of Yoni Massage

As with any massage, it is important to select a qualified, competent professional for a yoni massage. In addition to the general risks associated with any form of massage, the specific inclusion of the genitals raises the risk of creating or re-awakening sexual trauma. While re-awakening a trauma is an opportunity to heal and release, the practitioner must be adequately prepared to support the recipient through these strong experiences, otherwise the experience can be re-traumatising.

The yoni microbiome is delicately balanced, and the practitioner should practice medical-grade hygiene, to avoid introducing any foreign bacteria or irritating substances into the yoni.

Shifting physical and energetic blockages can produce temporary symptoms as the system reaches a new equilibrium - these might include symptoms of cystitis (inflammation of the urinary tract), candida (thrush), emotional disturbances, and unusual sensations in the lower abdomen.

While a yoni massage may feel purely pleasurable at the time, later that day or the next day, the recipient may experience an emotional reaction, for example, shame or guilt over having allowed herself to behave with such sexual freedom, or sadness that the experience took place in a professional setting, rather than in a loving relationship. It is important to embrace any emotional reactions which follow, to observe them with interest and try to understand their message, rather than pushing them down, or trying to get through them as fast as possible.

Choosing a Yoni Massage Therapist

While few government have recognized yoni massage as a separate discipline for regulation purposes, a good practitioner will adhere to a set of professional ethics. Organisations such as the Association of Sexological Bodyworkers or the Tantric Massage Association can provide lists of certified practitioners.

Types of Yoni Massage

Yoni massage can be a very different experience in different settings. A therapeutic yoni massage in a clinical setting can be more like a deep tissue massage, or a physiotherapy treatment, while a sensual yoni massage at home with a lover can simply be a fun, playful form of foreplay. When engaging a professional to give you a yoni massage, it is important to be clear what your expectations, goals and boundaries are.

Therapeutic Yoni Massage

A therapeutic yoni massage is focused on locating and releasing areas of tension and blockage. Yoni massage may be done as part of a more extensive de-armoring massage, or in a more yoni-focused way, with attention to the other parts of the body being seen as part of the preparation for the work in the yoni. Areas of blockage may manifest as physical tension or pain, or as areas of numbness or tenderness, or as places which trigger an emotional reaction.

In each case, the practitioner will encourage the receiver to remain present, witnessing the experience, until the blockage is fully released. A good practitioner will adjust the intensity of the experience, taking the release process gradually, over multiple sessions if required, to ensure the yoni massage itself does not create a trauma by creating experiences that are too intense for the receiver to process.

Sensual Yoni Massage

A sensual yoni massage aims to explore a woman's sexual pleasure response. It may involve full-body massage, to encourage relaxation. It will include extended attention to peripheral erogenous zones, such as the neck, breasts, and inner thighs, before any intimate touch. The practitioner will explore the pleasure zones of the outer (vulva) and inner (vagina) worlds of the yoni, guiding the receiver to identify her unique "pleasure map". Ultimately, the aim of a sensual yoni massage is to assist the receiver to access Tantric orgasm, multiple orgasms, and higher states of consciousness.

Yoni Massage Between Lovers

Yoni massage can be a powerful tool in intimate relationships, deepening trust between the partners as it expands the woman's sexual response. If yoni massage is used between lovers, it is important to create a clear intention for the yoni massage before beginning. Is this extended foreplay, leading to the joint pleasure of sexual intercourse, or is it purely a gift to the woman, with no expectation of sex afterward? Is this more therapeutic, or more sensual? Will we be pushing into the discomfort, or keeping it gentle and pleasurable?

Yoni Massage Techniques

As there are no formally-recognised qualifications for a yoni massage therapist, there is a wide variation in the types of techniques used by different yoni massage practitioners. Typically, whether a yoni massage has a therapeutic or a sensual intent, a yoni massage should involve preparation stages, a more intense stage, and then a relaxation and integration stage.

Preparation Stage

Most women will have some nervousness or apprehension about having intimate contact, even if they are not working through explicit sexual trauma. It is very important that the yoni massage practitioner creates a sufficient sense of safety at the beginning of the session, so the receiver can relax, and focus on her bodily sensations.


Before starting the yoni massage, the practitioner should have a clear picture of the receiver's history and goals, and any specific concerns, such as sexual trauma, injuries, discomforts, and boundaries. This discussion can happen before the session, or at the beginning of the session.

It is important to clearly state any boundaries at the beginning of the session, and to understand that those boundaries will hold throughout the session, even if the receiver may feel "in the heat of the moment" like going beyond her stated boundaries. There are psychological and physiological reasons why our ability to make decisions can be compromised in either a therapeutic or a sensual yoni massage. Clear boundaries ensure that we are protected from taking any actions we may later regret.

Setting Intentions

In addition to discussing the receiver's goals, many yoni massage practitioners guide receivers to create an intention, through a specific practice. This practice is a form of ritual, which works to embed the intention in the subconscious mind of the receiver.

In a Tantric setting, the starting ritual may include consecration, invoking a higher power, offerings at an altar, or other practices from spiritual rituals. The space in which the yoni massage takes place may be set up in the style of a temple, to encourage an elevated state of mind.


Many yoni massages begin with a full body massage. This allows the receiver to relax, become more aware of her body, and to become comfortable with the touch of the practitioner on less intimate areas before moving to more challenging intimate touch. The practitioner may play meditative music, and suggest breathing rhythms or other practices which encourage an internalized, meditative state.

Warm Up

After the initial relaxation phase, the yoni massage practitioner will begin to stimulate more erogenous areas, such as the breasts and inner thighs. It is important that the yoni is well prepared to receive internal touch. While oil can serve the mechanical purpose of lubrication, the process of arousal and opening of the yoni is more complex than simply producing lubricating fluid. For some women, it can take two or more yoni massages with a practitioner before she is ready to move beyond the warm up stage. It is very important not to push for "the full experience" if the body is not completely ready, as this can, itself, cause new sexual trauma. There is nothing wrong with spending the entire time of a yoni massage in the warm-up stage, exploring one's responses and blockages at this level.

Strong emotional releases can occur from even the most gentle warm up touch. Give yourself permission to go with your response, wherever it takes you.

Exploration and Mapping of the Yoni

As the practitioner begins to touch the vulva, labia and outer clitoral bud, the intention is exploration. Many women are quite unfamiliar with their own anatomy, having been shamed for "touching themselves", and confused by vague names, such as "down there" and "your pee pee".

It can be very empowering for a woman to learn how to distinguish between the sensations of being touched in different areas of the vagina. There are many different pleasure zones in the vagina, including the G-Spot, A-Spot, P-Spot, and the cervix itself. The practitioner will touch different places inside the vagina, and let the receiver know what is being touched. This helps the receiver to "tune in" to the sensations in different parts of the yoni, and to increase her awareness of the area in general.

During the yoni mapping, some areas may be tight, or even painful. It is quite common to store tension and traumas in the muscles of the pelvic floor and the lower abdomen. These tensions can translate into tense, numb or painful areas inside the vagina. A therapeutic yoni massage will devote considerable time to exploring and releasing these areas, while a sensual yoni massage may avoid them as much as possible, to allow a focus on more pleasurable sensations. In the long term, of course, it is highly desirable to release any tensions affecting the yoni, as they do interfere with arousal, enjoyment, and orgasm.

Edging and Orgasm

Some women have never reached orgasm, while others have only experienced the brief, energy-draining explosive orgasm that is typically induced by direct stimulation of the exterior clitoris. A yoni massage is an opportunity to experience different forms of pleasure, in an unrushed, gently supportive atmosphere. The goal of a yoni massage is not to reach orgasm, although that can definitely be an outcome.

The practitioner will carefully adjust the sensations, to allow the receiver to gradually reach higher and higher levels of arousal, without necessarily tipping over into orgasm. The receiver will focus on moving the energy throughout her entire body, so that her entire being experiences ever-increasing pleasure. The practitioner will slow down and become more gentle if the receiver is in danger of reaching orgasm too early. This practice is known as "edging".

In this phase, some women experience female ejaculation, the release of kalas, also known as "squirting".

Some practitioners may, with the receiver's consent, insert a little finger into the anus while other fingers remain in the yoni, and the thumb rests on the external nub of the clitoris.

A Tantric orgasm involves the full body, and it important not to rush the pleasure-building process. After a Tantric orgasm, a woman remains fully aroused and open, ready to move again into the orgasmic state. Through yoni massage, women can learn how to become multi-orgasmic. With enough practice, a woman can reach the "orgasmic plateau", where she is experiencing an orgasmic level of pleasure for an extended period, anything from five minutes to over a hour. In this state, she can experience peaks of higher pleasure that don't break the orgasmic state, allowing her to stay in a state of bliss for a long period. Tantrics use this time for meditation, because the intense energies moving through the system can easily be directed toward spiritual accomplishment.

Recovery and Integration

For some women, the body naturally reaches a point at which it has had enough pleasure. For others, the time limit for a yoni massage signals the end of the experience. Either way, it is very important to come out of the orgasmic state gently, with awareness, and to integrate the experience effectively.

The practitioner will begin to move their hands more slowly and gently, taking considerable time to withdraw from the internal touch, and lingering for a gentle closing massage of the vulva and labia. During this time, the receiver remains in a meditative state, observing the sensations and energy within her body. This is the time to remember and anchor the intention for the session, and to understand any lessons or information that has been revealed.

When the touching part of the yoni massage is complete, the receiver will lie in an internalized, meditative state for some time. When she feels ready to move, the practitioner will usually offer water, tea, or some other drink, to help ground her and return her to normal, day-to-day states of consciousness.

This time is an opportunity for the woman to share anything she feels moved to say about her experience, ask questions or advice, and to express gratitude to the practitioner and the Divine.

How to Learn Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage Workshops

Tantric Massage Training in Europe includes both yoni (vagina) and lingam (penis) massage, with Tantric and Ayurvedic theory.

Spiritual Tantra Lounge Tantra Massage Workshops in Berlin covers Taoist and Tantric massage.

HunkHands Training Tour runs workshops though Asia and in the US. Practical only, no spiritual or historical context.

Yoni Massage Courses Online

Yoni Massage by Mariah Freya includes self-massage techniques for women, as well as a step-by-step guide to yoni massage for couples.

Organic Tantra Yoni Massage Course by Cédric includes beginner and advanced levels, with Tantric theory.

Yoni Massage Online Training Course by Thompson Publishing focuses on physical practice, with little spiritual or historical context.


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