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In recent years, many teachers have begun to offer Tantra teaching via the internet. While it can be useful to have access to information in the comfort of one's own home, there are limits to how much true Tantric understanding can be transmitted through articles, podcasts, and videos.

Traditionally, Tantra was taught in the framework of a guru-disciple relationship. Many Tantra podcast teachers are self-taught, or have learned from schools which don't have a lineage of Tantric teachers. Even for the dedicated individuals who study traditional Tantric texts in the original langu, without the assistance of an initiated guru, it is unclear how accurate their understanding of the teachings can be. Traditional texts are often written in symbolic and allegorical terms, and these subtle meanings are the essence of the Tantric teaching.

A guru-disciple relationship also provides supervised practice and ongoing mentoring, which can be difficult to arrange in an online relationship. The practices of satsangs, diksha, and initiations rely on energetic transmissions, which are arguably less effective if the meeting is not held in person.

There are, of course, certain parts of the body of Tantric knowledge which can be conveyed as pure information. General information about the various forms of yoga, the chakras and bodies, forms of meditation and purification, rituals, and so on, can be learned without the need for detailed guidance. In particular, Neo-Tantric practices designed to improve Tantric sexual practice are both popular and easy to learn in an online setting. For this reason, online Tantra courses and Tantra podcasts often focus on the area of sexuality.

Free Tantra Podcasts

There are many valuable Tantra resources available online free of charge.

Here are some of the most popular free Tantra podcasts:

Sex: Tantra and Kama Sutra - Francesca Gentille interviews a wide range of experts on many aspects of modern Tantra, Neo-Tantra, sex and intimacy.

Sex Nerd Sandra episode 114: Tantric sex - Interview with Barbara Carellas, author of Urban Tantra.

Tantric Sex on iTunes - A series by Shiva Rajaya

Tantrapunk podcast - an "out there" Tantric journey with a different perspective

Tantric attraction - an interview with Martina Hughes, Tantra facilitator, answering questions from men

Better Love and Sex - by Devi Ward

Monica Lee - on Spreaker.com

OzTantra for men

Sex, Science and Spirituality - The Tantric Lounge podcast with Jacqueline Hellyer

Tibetan Buddhist Tantra - Tantric philosophy and practice with Bob Thurman

Raw Attraction podcast - interview with Shashi Solluna

The Buddhist Centre podcast - Energy, the Tantric precepts, and Enlightenment