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Traditionally, Tantra was taught in a guru-disciple relationship, and involved complex processes of initiation and transmission. Aspirants would associate with a guru for many months, or even years, before entering into a formal teacher-student relationship. During this time, the aspirant would attend satsangs ("meetings in truth"), ask questions, bring gifts, and seek to win the guru's approval to become a disciple.

In today's busy, modern world, people don't want to invest the time in getting to know a teacher well before committing to learn from them. They are willing to engage at a more shallow level, gather information, and practice at home, rather than entering into the committed relationship that exists between a guru and his or her disciples.

While this approach has some merits, especially for beginners, it is important to understand that the deeper aspects of Tantra cannot be taught in a workshop. At some point, anyone who is serious about the Tantric path will need to commit to serious study and practice with a particular, highly qualified teacher, whom they trust to guide them through the pitfalls of ego resistance.

University courses in Tantra

There is a Tantra University in Ananda Nagar, West Bengal, which offers a variety of courses within an overall Tantric philosophy. Courses include Tantra Philosophy, Kundalini, Yantra, and Palmistry, together with more practically oriented subjects such as Food, Health and Consciousness, Body/Mind System and Models of World Government. In keeping with Tantric principles, the university breaks down disciplinary boundaries, to allow for rich rereadings of old discourses. Spiritual philosophy is brought to bear on political theory as part of the Proutist Economics course, and homeopathy, ayurveda and other indigenous medical practices are taught alongside, and interacting with, western allopathic medicine.

The University of Integrated Science California offers five Tantra units within its electives.

The Dalai Lama has established a school for Tibetan Tantric Buddhism at Gyudmed Tantric Monastery in South India.