Sahasrara Chakra

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The seventh chakra, or crown chakra.

The Sanskrit name for sahasrara chakra means "one thousand", and the chakra is also known as "the thousand petalled lotus".

The root of sahasrara chakra is the rorwn of the head, and it extends directly upwards, ending in a circle approximately 20 centimeters above the head. This chakra has a different nature to the lower six chakras, as it transcends the individual's energy body. It is the bridge from the individual consciousness to the Universal consciousness.

This chakra controls the upper part of the head in the physical body.

Sexuality on Sahasrara

Sexual position for sahasrara reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

There is no sex at the level of sahasrara because there is no manifestation here; only pure consciousness exists. Sahasrara consciousness is a place of pure existence, of witnessing. Immaterial and peaceful, it is self-realization. At this level, there is no more man or woman, no more “me” or “you,” only oneness remains. This is the end goal and the result of Tantric lovemaking. It is when kundalini rises up to sahasrara, and lovers can only sit and meditate in bliss.

During Tantric lovemaking, a couple can encourage the movement of energy into sahasrara by assuming a meditative position, even as their bodies are still sexually connected.


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