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The first chakra, also known as the base chakra or the root chakra.

The Sanskrit name, "muladhara", means "the pace of the root" (mula- root, adhara- place), which is why muladhara is also known as the root chakra. The root of muladhara is located at the joint between the sacrum and the coccyx, and it extends forward and down at a 45 degree angle, ending in a circle about 4cm outside the body, between the legs.

This chakra controls the pelvic floor and the legs. A strong muladhara will support strong erections, strong orgasms and endurance in lovemaking. While sexual desire is generated at the level of svadhisthana chakra, sexual vitality is a function of muladhara chakra.


Muladhara chakra is traditionally associated with the earth element, a mustard yellow color, the number four, the sense of smell, the material (physical) level of the Universe, and the animal, survival level of consciousness.

Sexuality on Muladhara

Sex position for muladhara chakra reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

Sexual vitality manifests as raw lust. Muladhara lust makes a woman want to be lustfully taken, grabbed, possibly even spanked; she wants to feel the man’s physical strength and raw lust. The sexually vital man wants to pick up a woman, throw her on the bed, toss her around, and possibly even slap her buttocks.

Muladhara lovemaking is characterised as strong, powerful, rough, raw, and animalistic; it often involves heavy banging of the pelvis. This is the type of sex which breaks the bed.

The sex position pictured, which allows for vigorous stimulation of the perineum, is ideal for awakening muladhara chakra.

There is no aggression, violence, or domination in muladhara sex, even though it is physically vigorous; it is just an expression of pure, animal lustfulness. There is a profound innocence in the experience of pure lust, untainted by the complications of svadhisthana or manipura, with all their emotions and calculations.

Mul-Sah sex position reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

It is possible to stimulate muladhara and sahasrara chakras at the same time during sexual intercourse, using a modification to the muladhara sex position. The man stands, and the woman sits on the edge of a bench or table at the appropriate height. The man may place one knee on the surface, if required.

Anal sex always resonates at the level of muladhara, even if the level of consciousness of the partners is also resonating at higher levels, because of the physical location of the anus in the realm of muladhara.

Spirituality on Muladhara

At the level of muladhara, there is an innocent, natural spirituality, which manifests as a spontaneous sense of awe and wonder at the natural world. It is possible, though not common, to move through this muladhara experience of awe and wonder in order to connect with the transcendent Universal Consciousness, and attain states of samadhi, or enlightenment.

Working With Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara chakra is a vitally important chakra for Tantrics. Life force, vital energy, is generated at the level of muladhara. This vital energy fuels all of our activities in life, and it is particularly important for both sexuality and spirituality.

Low energy in muladhara can create weak, or completely absent, orgasms in women, and weak erections in men. It can cause some forms of chronic fatigue, and can lead to a weakened immune system and ongoing or recurring physical illness.

Male bodies often have a blockage in muladhara, leading to chronically low levels of vital energy. In general, female bodies have a naturally stronger muladhara than male bodies. Modern Western society, however, with its obsession for thinness, does not support the natural shape of a woman with a well-developed muladhara. Instead, women are encouraged to weaken their muladhara through excessive dieting, purging, and physical exercise, resulting in lack of vitality. Tantric women resist the social pressure, and conserve the power of their root chakra for their Tantric practice. 

Tantric practices work by moving lower energies to the higher chakras. Therefore, it is essential for any Tantric, male or female, to have a strong, vital muladhara chakra. 

For this reason, to be a Tantric practitioner, it is essential to get enough sleep and eat enough good quality food. Practice hatha yoga asanas which activate muladhara chakra, and use pranayama to direct prana to muladhara. Avoid sublimation for at least two hours after the muladhara hatha yoga practice, to allow the energies to settle in muladhara and generate vitality. 

Excess energy in muladhara creates a feeling of physical, emotional, and mental heaviness and inertia, and sometimes a sensation of physical pressure in the lower abdomen. Left untreated, this can be a cause of some types of chronic fatigue, and physical illnesses in the lower abdomen and genitals. These problems can be corrected, and long term problems avoided, by a diligent, regular practice of sublimation.

Imbalances at the level of muladhara chakra can cause disturbances at the level of the psyche and body associated with survival. Symptoms may include fear (of being physically attacked, abandoned, or left without food and shelter), scarcity-based greed (for food, money, love, or anything else that seems necessary for survival), or an inability to feel contented. Hatha yoga asanas which activate muladhara chakra in a polar manner (having a left and right version of the asana) can help to balance muladhara chakra, as can deep somatic healing work around childhood or ancestral traumas.


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