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Consecration is a form of surrender and prayer, removing the individual ego from a situation. The practitioner invites a higher power to enter their being and act through them. It is not necessary to have a religious or supernatural concept of a higher being - the higher power can be the pratitioner's Higher Self, the most elevated, altruistic parts of the practitioner. Tantrics believe that everything is Divine, and therefore the essential aspect of human nature is Divine. Consecration is invoking this essential Divinity within. By inviting the Divine into daily actions, words and thoughts, consecration becomes a form of transfiguration.

Effects of Consecration

Consecration has a powerful effect on the subconscious mind, because it is a ritual, and because it creates a different state of mind, more attuned with higher states, and less affected by selfish, egoic impulses.

Consecration breaks karmic ties, creates a protective shield for the action at hand through its higher resonances, is important in the practice of safe sex, and is a powerful support in the practice of continence (brahmacharya). 

When to Consecrate

Consecration is recommended at the start of every day, and before any action which may have significant karmic consequences, such as Tantric sex or a Tantric ritual