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The Sanskrit name for the fourth chakra, "anahata", means "unstruck" or "unbreakable". The root of the heart chakra lies in the thoracic spine, and it extends directly forward to a circle a few centimeters in front of the sternum.

This chakra controls the heart, lower lungs, diaphragm, upper abdominal area, arms and hands.


Anahata chakra corresponds with the air element, the colour dark blue, the number 16, the sense of touch, and the level of consciousness which allows for unconditional love.

Sexuality on Anahata

Yab Yum position activates anahata and ajna chakras
Yab Yum position activates anahata and ajna chakras
Rear entry position reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

An open and harmonious anahata chakra allows for states of unconditional love, surrender and devotion. Anahata sexuality is focused on intimacy and union, yet it is playful and spontaneous. Anahata lovemaking creates such intense pleasure from simple, non-genital touch that penetrative intercourse feels unnecessary. At the level of anahata, partners can orgasm and be completely satisfied without any of the physical activities which characterise sex on the lower chakras.

Sexual positions which activate anahata include rear entry positions, which allow both partners to open their chests, and the traditional Yab Yum position.

Spirituality on Anahata

Anahata is about devotion, love for God, uconditional love for all beings, and a deep desire to surrender to the universe. This is the chakra at which the individual and the Divine come into contact. Many spiritual practices follow "the path of the heart", which uses the emotion of devotion at anahata chakra to open the way to higher levels of consciousness.

Unconditional love is a very different from the romantic love experienced at the level of svadhisthana. A person who is regularly consumed with their own emotional dramas, or who is consistently controlling, is stuck in the lower chakras, failing to reach the level of anahata. Unconditional love doesn’t suffer from the limitations and chaos of the lower chakras; it is universal and eternal.

Working with Anahata Chakra

An accomplished Tantric experiences love, validation, and security from within, through anahata chakra and its connection to the Divine. Full with an abundance of love, devotion, and compassion, a Tantric goes forth the give those gifts to everyone else in the world.

To develop this connection with the Divine through anahata chakra, Tantrics practice hatha yoga asanas, particularly those which open the chest, such as bujangasana, the cobra pose. Pranayama is particularly powerful in awakening anahata chakra, as it works physically in the area of the body ruled by anahata.

Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, is another access to anahata chakra. In bhakti yoga, Tantrics focus intense devotion and love on a representation of the Divine, often through group practices such as singing devotional songs, or devotional dancing.

Karma yoga, the yoga of selfless service, can also be an access to anahata chakra. Some practitioners approach karma yoga from the level of manipura, submitting the individual ego to a greater mission. To rise from this level, consider the selfless service to be a gift of love to all humanity, or to all sentient beings, or to the Divine. Cultivate gratitude for the opportunity to serve. Practiced diligently, this attitude will lift energy from manipura to anahata.

Grief is felt at the level of anahata, and is a common cause of blockages. Learning to sit with loss, sadness, and regret is a vital part of Tantric practice. Witnessing and allowing the energy of these emotions, without judgement, will eventually open the blocked channels, and allow unconditional love to flow freely again.

It is said that one cannot practice Tantric sex without eventually attaining the anahata level of consciousness. A Tantric practices sublimation until it becomes a habit. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of extended lovemaking, generating enormous energy in the lower chakras, and sublimating it to anahata chakra, cannot fail to stimulate even the most stubbornly blocked heart chakra.


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