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Ajna chakra is the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra.

The Sankrit root of "ajna", "jna", means "knowledge". Ajna chakra is believed to control all lower chakras, and is sometimes called "the mental command center". The root of ajna chakra is at the base of the skull, at the joint with the first cervical vertebra, and it extends forward and slightly upward to a circle in front of the third eye, in the centre of the forehead.

This chakra controls the head and upper neck, and is the control center for all other chakras.


Ajna chakra corresponds with the number 2, and the level of consciousness which allows for analytical intelligence, spiritual discrimination, intuition, and lucidity.

Sexuality on Ajna

Yab Yum position activates anahata and ajna chakras
Yab Yum position activates anahata and ajna chakras
The level of consciousness represented by ajna chakra is so elevated that there is little interest in carnal physical pleasures. Sex is meditation and contemplation. It is of a totally abstract nature, yet completely lucid. It is a profound mental balancing of yin and yang. It brings the partners to the edge of this ultimate duality.

Deep spiritual sexual practices can awaken ajna chakra, and the traditional yab yum position both stimulates ajna chakra and symbolises the cosmic union of Shiva (consciousness) with Shakti (manifestation).

A blockage on ajna chakra allows for the condition of spiritual forgetfulness to persist and sexual Tantric practices remain devoid of a spiritual direction and commitment. A lack of energy in ajna chakra can result in weak sexual retention in men.

Spirituality on Ajna

The level of consciousness at ajna is highly refined, so there are few issues with spiritual practice at this level. The only serious problem with developing ajna chakra is that intelligence and lucidity alone can lead to extremely rational, but inhumane actions. Ajna chakra needs to be balanced with unconditional love from anahata or compassion from sahasrara, or both.

Working with Ajna Chakra

A lack of energy in ajna chakra can result in weak sexual retention in men. It also manifests as uncontrolled and unexamined negative emotions. 

Ajna chakra can be developed through specific hatha yoga asanas, pranayama focused on ajna chakra, and intellectual spiritual practices such as jnana yoga (studying traditional texts written by great Tantric masters). Ajna chakra can be balanced using polar hatha yoga asanas. 


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