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Sexual intercourse is part of what is known as "left hand Tantra". There are many, many sexual positions which have Tantric applications, either for specific ritual purposes, or as part of making sexuality in general free from any restriction or difficulty.

In popular culture, sex positions are valued for variety and enhancing pleasure, with guides listing up to 45 different sex positions, or even 67 different sex positions for the curious couple to try. Bold articles trumpet "12 New Sex Positions You Should Try This Year" (as though in the thousands of years humans have had leisure time for sexual exploration, they may have overlooked not one, but twelve different sexual positions!)

In Tantra, sexual positions are valued for their healing properties, for activating particular chakras, and for assisting in the sublimation of sexual energy for spiritual purposes.

Sex Positions for Size Mismatch

Larger Lingam, Smaller Yoni

Some women have smaller vaginas than others, and a well-endowed man can unintentionally cause pain for these women, simply through being too large.

Lots of foreplay, and extra lubricant, can minimise the discomfort. Using a dildo during foreplay can help to encourage the vagina to relax and expand before introducing the penis.

Some sexual positions are better than others. Even with good preparation, sexual positions which allow for deep penetration can allow a large penis to overextend the vagina, in some cases even causing tearing [3].

Positions where the woman is on top allow for the best control over depth of penetration. In the missionary position, the woman can bring her thighs together, so that the man's hips hit her thighs and stop him from penetrating too deeply. The standing missionary position works well with a larger penis, and if that seems like too much work, spooning (man behind woman, while both are lying on their sides) is an ideal position for extended sessions of Tantric lovemaking with a large penis.

Smaller Lingam, Larger Yoni

For a woman with a larger vagina, suggesting certain sexual positions can support the less well-endowed man to give you maximum orgasmic joy.

Having your legs together, rather than apart, increases stimulation, and also brings your external clitoral nub into contact with his pubic bone more often. This works for missionary and "woman on top" positions. Bringing your legs together also increases sensation in doggy-style and other positions where he enters from behind. Adjust your position so that he is striking the G-spot area, which is close enough to the entrance to be reached by even a micro-penis.

If a man is highly motivated, he can actually increase the size of his lingam using a natural method known as jelqing. This method involves daily stretching and massaging of the lingam to increase blood flow and relax connective tissue.

Sex Positions to Activate Chakras

Muladhara Chakra

Sex position for muladhara chakra reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

Muladhara lovemaking is characterised as strong, powerful, rough, raw, and animalistic; it often involves heavy banging of the pelvis. The sex position pictured, which allows for vigorous stimulation of the perineum, is ideal for awakening muladhara chakra.

Anal sex always resonates at the level of muladhara, even if the level of consciousness of the partners is also resonating at higher levels, because of the physical location of the anus in the realm of muladhara.
Mul-Sah sex position reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga
There is no aggression, violence, or domination in muladhara sex, even though it is physically vigorous; it is just an expression of pure, animal lustfulness. There is a profound innocence in the experience of pure lust, untainted by the complications of svadhisthana or manipura, with all their emotions and calculations.

It is possible to stimulate muladhara and sahasrara chakras at the same time during sexual intercourse, using a modification to the muladhara sex position. The man stands, and the woman sits on the edge of a bench or table at the appropriate height. The man may place one knee on the surface, if required.

Svadhisthana Chakra

Sex position for Svad reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

Because of its association with water, svadhisthana brings the "juice" in sexuality; this is the home of sexual desire. Svadhisthana brings emotion, drama, creativity and romance; it is a sexuality where romance and ambiance matter.

Svadhisthana lovemaking resembles belly dancing, with supple hip movements, pubic bone contact, and lots of sweat, lubrication, fluids, and wet kisses. The classic missionary position is most resonant with the energy of svadhisthana chakra.

Manipura Chakra

Sex position for Manipura reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

Manipura sexuality is characterised by fire, enthusiasm, dynamism and confidence. It is like a dance, in which one conducts, and the other surrenders.

Manipura is hot and passionate; it brings competition and domination to lovemaking. Bondage and S&M are expressions of the surrender/domination aspect of manipura. The pure passion of manipura can find expression in biting, pinching, nail scratching and solid grabbing.

The woman-on-top position in particular can stimulate manipura chakra.

Anahata Chakra

Yab Yum position activates anahata and ajna chakras
Yab Yum position activates anahata and ajna chakras
Rear entry position reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

An open and harmonious anahata chakra allows for states of unconditional love, surrender and devotion. Anahata sexuality is focused on intimacy and union, yet it is playful and spontaneous.

Anahata lovemaking creates such intense pleasure from simple, non-genital touch that penetrative intercourse feels unnecessary. At the level of anahata, partners can orgasm and be completely satisfied without any of the physical activities which characterise sex on the lower chakras.

Sexual positions which activate anahata include rear entry positions, which allow both partners to open their chests, and the traditional Yab Yum position.

Vishuddha Chakra

Sex position for vishuddha chakra reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga.png

Sexual positions in which the legs of the partners are crossed, in "scissors" style, can stimulate vishuddha chakra.

Vishuddha sexuality is characterized by transfiguration of the self and the other. At this level of consciousness, the individual moves beyond merely imagining themselves and the partner as aspects of the Divine, and enters into the actual experience of transfiguration. Lovemaking at this level evokes the eternal cosmic dance of energy and awareness, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles, Shiva and Shakti.

The vishuddha man and women are transpersonal lovers; rather than loving the unique individuality they each represent, they love the divine essence in each other. Rather than the union of two individual beings, sexuality on vishuddha is the union of two aspects of the Divine. Sexuality on vishuddha is mystical and pure, abstract and symbolic. The individual consciousness is surrendered to the Divine unfolding of the energies of the universe.

The cultivation of transpersonal love results in a powerful elevation of consciousness.

Ajna Chakra

Yab Yum position activates anahata and ajna chakras
Yab Yum position activates anahata and ajna chakras
The level of consciousness represented by ajna chakra is so elevated that there is little interest in carnal physical pleasures. Sex is meditation and contemplation. It is of a totally abstract nature, yet completely lucid. It is a profound mental balancing of yin and yang. It brings the partners to the edge of this ultimate duality.

Many deep spiritual sexual practices can awaken ajna chakra, without requiring any specific sexual position. The traditional yab yum position both stimulates ajna chakra and symbolises the cosmic union of Shiva (consciousness) with Shakti (manifestation). Because this position also stimulates anahata chakra, it can help to overcome the potential coldness of a pure ajna consciousness.

A blockage on ajna chakra allows for the condition of spiritual forgetfulness to persist and sexual Tantric practices remain devoid of a spiritual direction and commitment. A lack of energy in ajna chakra can result in weak sexual retention in men.

Sahasrara Chakra

Sexual position for sahasrara reproduced with permission from Agama Yoga

There is no sex at the level of sahasrara because there is no manifestation here; only pure consciousness exists. Sahasrara consciousness is a place of pure existence, of witnessing. Immaterial and peaceful, it is self-realization. At this level, there is no more man or woman, no more “me” or “you,” only oneness remains. This is the end goal and the result of Tantric lovemaking. It is when kundalini rises up to sahasrara, and lovers can only sit and meditate in bliss.

During Tantric lovemaking, a couple can encourage the movement of energy into sahasrara by assuming a meditative position, even as their bodies are still sexually connected.

Sex Positions for Female Orgasm

Many aspects of sexual Tantra are supportive of female orgasm, including male ejaculation control, extended foreplay, and a focus on deep connection and full-body orgasm for both partners. For women who orgasm less readily, some sexual positions can also be supportive.


Muladhara Missionary - the woman lies on her back, and lifts her legs up. A pillow under the hips can assist in establishing the best angle for the pelvis. When the woman feels the orgasmic energy building, she lowers her legs, and the man adopts the coital-alignment-technique (CAT) position. "He's on top, but he lifts his pelvic bone upward, aligning it with your clitoris," says sex therapist Gloria Brame, PhD. "Then he rocks against the area until you peak. The legs-up position is a slow burn that brings you to the brink and increases sensitivity. Then the addition of clitoral rubbing takes you over the edge in a bigger way than if you had done CAT alone."[2]


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